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13 November 2023

Cefetra Ecosystem Services


Cefetra launches new farming sustainability return initiative

Agricultural market leader Cefetra has launched a groundbreaking initiative with independent agronomy firm Soil Capital to enable more farmers to see a financial return for their sustainable practices in the push to tackle climate change.

New sustainability programme Cefetra Ecosystem Services will enable Cefetra, a group of leading companies and brands in the animal nutrition and food and drink ingredient industries, to be the bridge between their customers tasked with sourcing sustainable suppliers and farmers who want financial returns on sustainable farming practices.

Cefetra Ecosystem Services is the first initiative of its kind to set high standards for climate positive supply chains and reward growers for adopting sustainable farming practices. The programme for UK and Irish growers is already available for 2024 crops.

Through the practical steps and advice offered by Ecosystem Services, backed with documented sustainability standards for produce, Cefetra will ensure that benefits are provided to partners along the entire supply chain.

The new programme will see Cefetra facilitate the application of established methodologies to ensure farmers and customers have trust in the process with a carbon programme compliant backed by Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) guidance, guaranteeing credibility.

Partnering with Soil Capital, Cefetra will provide a toolkit of products and services based on data from individual farms along with suggested suitable courses of action. Consumers will see the sustainable credentials of the produce supplied, strengthening the appeal of the Ecosystem Services farmers’ supplies to meet buyers’ ESG goals.

Speaking at Cefetra’s Ormiston Grain Storage Facility in Scotland on Wednesday (Nov 8) for the Cefetra Ecosystem Services launch Cefetra Ltd CEO Andrew Mackay said: “As a trusted industry partner, Cefetra is uniquely placed to make sustainability work for all by acting as the bridge between farmers and customers seeking consistent supplies of high-quality low carbon grains.

“Cefetra Ecosystem Services will integrate knowledge sharing, data management and farm planning while equipping farmers to take advantage of the opportunity of sustainable agriculture. Cefetra believes their Ecosystem Services will help our supply chain to deliver positive farming solutions to help mitigate climate change.

“We feel a responsibility to respond to the challenges of environmental change and offer Ecosystem Services as a package to give farmers the means and financial benefits of implementing climate positive agricultural practices. Our longer-term goal is to offer valuable inputs as well as knowledge-sharing opportunities.”

Uwe Schroeder, Head of Cefetra Ecosystem Services for Cefetra Group, said: “We are delighted that the UK and Ireland are pioneering Ecosystem Services within Cefetra Group. This is a reflection of forward thinking in the farming and the animal nutrition, food ingredient, drink and energy industries in the UK and Ireland.

“In due course, Cefetra will be announcing similar programs in other countries where we can be the bridge between climate positive activities on farm and consumers for agricultural commodities and specialties.”

Shona Robison, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance for Scotland, attended the Cefetra Ecosystem Services launch, meeting with Scottish farmers taking part in the scheme, along with independent agronomists, the Agricultural Industries Confederation, Cefetra customers and initiative partners.

Deputy First Minister Shona Robison said: “The Scottish Government welcomes the launch of the Cefetra Ecosystems Services initiative to help more farmers unlock the financial benefits of sustainable practices. We want Scotland to become a global leader in regenerative agriculture, so that everyone working in the sector can play an important role in reducing emissions and tackling climate change.

“As the Scottish Government continues to engage with partners on the Agriculture and Rural Communities Bill, I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak to people working in the supply chain. This landmark legislation will deliver our vision for agriculture and support sustainable farming and food production, benefiting Scotland as a whole.”

Chuck de Liedekerke, CEO at Soil Capital, which is supporting Cefetra on Ecosystem Services, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Cefetra in this exciting new venture. We are experienced in promoting resilient agriculture and supporting farms in their regenerative transition using carbon as a leading indicator so we recognise the impact which Cefetra Ecosystem Services can make in the industry.”

Cefetra Ecosystem Services: For more information about the international farming programme, please visit our website!

About Us: Cefetra is a global supplier of agricultural ingredients to the animal nutrition, food ingredient, drink and energy industries. Cefetra markets more than 250 different agricultural products, sourcing them globally and distributing them to all customers – with just in case or just in time delivery. The synergy between the different brands and companies as well as all partners allows the entire group to adapt quickly to changing customer needs. Besides the broad product portfolio, there is a huge focus across the organization on providing services such as quality control and sustainability. In the UK Cefetra Ltd has its headquarters in Glasgow with regional offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

About Ormiston Grain Storage Facility: Purchased in March 2022 by Cefetra Ltd, the facility has a capacity of circa 80,000 tonnes. The grain handling, processing and storage facility, with drying, cleaning and grain analysis operations, is part of the infrastructure required to operate in a key grain production area of Scotland. It allows us to work with and support farmers, whilst enabling us to supply quality grains, oilseeds and pulses to key customers in Scotland and Northern England.

Cefetra Ecosystem Services launch on November 8 2023
Sarah Bell of Cefetra, Deputy First Minister Shona Robison and Ian Muirhead of Agricultural Industries Confederation tour Ormiston grain facility

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