Cefetra and NatWest Cultivate a Sustainable Tomorrow
5 March 2024

Cefetra and NatWest Cultivate a Sustainable Tomorrow

Lombard to support Cefetra Ecosystem Services farmers

Cefetra and NatWest Cultivate a Sustainable Tomorrow: Lombard to support Cefetra Ecosystem Services farmers

Cefetra is thrilled to unveil an exciting new collaboration with Lombard, the UK’s largest asset finance partner and part of NatWest Group. This innovative partnership is set to break down financial barriers for farmers transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices, marking a significant milestone within Cefetra’s newly launched Cefetra Ecosystem Services program.

This exciting development confirms that the Cefetra Ecosystem Services concept brings to the table players from throughout the agricultural supply chain united by the common goal of supporting sustainable farming and its outcomes for carbon, water, biodiversity, the rural economy and landscapes.

The offer is tailored to the unique needs and opportunities within Cefetra’s supply base. This collaboration leverages NatWest’s asset finance arm, Lombard, to provide crucial financial support to farmers. Recognising that the shift to sustainable farming often requires substantial upfront investments, Lombard can alleviate financial burdens associ ated with acquiring new equipment and implementing advanced practices.


In the same way that we view a farm as a complex nature system, the increasing involvement in Cefetra Ecosystem Services of other stakeholders in farm production acknowledges that there is also a complex economic system involved in enabling farmers to meet consumers’ demands for sustainably produced goods.

Lombard’s initiative goes beyond mere financing; it is a testament to the shared belief that economic growth and environmental stewardship can coexist harmoniously. It represents a vote of confidence in the sustainable agriculture vision that #Cefetra in collaboration with #SoilCapital are diligently turning into reality.

Uwe Schröder, Head of Cefetra Ecosystem Services sees Lombard’s offer in the context of what it indicates for expanding the Ecosystem Services farming programme and supplies of carbon reduced grains into other geographies and across the supply chain: “Cefetra Group companies are active in many geographies and across a wide range of agricultural goods and ingredients. We aim to integrate more and more of our supply chain stakeholders into the programme, recognizing that a multitude of stakeholders can contribute to and benefit from transitions to more sustainable agriculture.”


Cefetra do not receive any financial incentive from Lombard.


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