Boortmalt enters a ground breaking carbon reduced malting barley supply agreement with Cefetra Ltd to bring investments to regenerative farmers
12 June 2024

Boortmalt enters a ground breaking carbon reduced malting barley supply agreement with Cefetra Ltd to bring investments to regenerative farmers

Malting Barley supplied under this 60,000mt multi-year sourcing agreement will be produced by UK and Irish farmers under the Cefetra Ecosystem Services Farming Program.  Boortmalt will reduce the carbon footprint of its supplies by more than 10,000t CO2e.Cefetra Ltd started the program with an initial cohort of 54 farmers and about 25,000ha in November 2023 and expects numbers to increase substantially in future years. This program financially rewards farmers for producing cereals that deliver positive outcomes for sustainability, water conservation, and biodiversity, thus spreading the cost of sustainable transformation in farming across the supply chain.

Whilst the new sourcing agreement will result in a substantial Scope 3 CO2-emission reduction of the barley supplies in the Cefetra Ltd – Boortmalt supply chain, this agreement goes significantly beyond hard-figures. It supports the adoption by UK farmers of regenerative farming practices, with a particular focus on improving soil properties, and achieving stable yields.  The Cefetra Ecosystem Services program, was launched in November 2023 by Cefetra Group in partnership with Soil Capital. It is initially available to UK and Irish farmers and finances certified, verified regenerative changes on farm which meet the requirement from industry and retail for lower emissions on route to 2023 or a Net Zero environment.

“At Boortmalt, we recognize the challenges of addressing Scope 3 emissions, as they lie beyond our immediate control and demand collaboration across the supply chain. By partnering with Cefetra, we can implement sustainable interventions directly within our supply chain, enhancing traceability and transparency of our operations. This sourcing agreement empowers us to make significant strides toward achieving our Scope 3 Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) goals.”  says Yvan Schaepman, CEO of Boortmalt.

Uwe Schroeder, Head of Cefetra Ecosystem Services, sees this partnership as a forward looking move towards building more resilient supply chains.  “As a supply chain manager, our objective is to provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of companies in the food and agriculture industry publicly commit to reducing their environmental footprint.  The supply agreement with Boortmalt not only sets a benchmark for the industry, it also leads to tangible benefits for farmers, who see a return on their commitment to sustainable practices. With this agreement, Boortmalt takes a leading role in encouraging broader participation in the market for carbon reduced grains, making it possible for a greater number of producers to contribute to and benefit from a more biologically and economically resilient farming system.”


About Boortmalt

Boortmalt is the world’s leading malting company with a production capacity of 3 million tonnes. The group is present on 5 continents with 27 malting plants. Boortmalt’s expertise is widely acknowledged by brewers, distillers, and food industries who rely on the supply of top-quality malted barley. Boortmalt has a strong vision on sustainability: “Sustainable agriculture″ is one of the 4 core objectives together with energy use efficiency & emissions reduction, water conservation, and health & safety. We promote the continuous improvement of farming methodologies through local sourcing programs. With all parties aiming to deliver increases in soil health, grain quality and climate resilience across the supply chain, from grain to glass. Boortmalt has committed to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). For more information, please visit

About Cefetra

Cefetra Ltd, part of Cefetra Group is a leading supplier of agricultural ingredients handling over around 5mln tons annually in the UK and Ireland with a strong on farm origination capability. The Cefetra Ecosystem Services initiative brings investment to regenerative farming by paying farmers for producing commodities with positive outcomes for Scope 3 impact, sustainability, water and biodiversity. Its aim is to bridge consumer demand for sustainably produced raw materials with the on-the-ground farming practices that help produce these commodities.  For farmers, we provide a clear framework to access payments for sustainable practices. For consumers, we facilitate certified and verified in-supply chain Scope 3 reductions.


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