Subsidiaries & Facilities

Subsidiaries & Facilities

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Predictable, reliable and efficient logistics are increasingly important in managing the entire supply chain. With several storage and handling facilities Cefetra has a strong logistics function.

  • Cefetra Ltd has access to import facilities at strategic locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These locations are: Immingham, Southampton, Glasgow and Belfast. Each week, between 25,000 and 40,000 tons of raw materials are loaded and dispatched on to 220 to 350 trucks per day.
  • The Hungarian office in Budapest receives soyameal in the Slovenian port Koper. Also grains are being exported by train and barge to Germany and the Netherlands, and ports on the Adriatic Sea.
  • The Baltic Grain Terminal in Gdynia, in which Cefetra has a share of 50 per cent, is an important instrument for efficient logistics in the Baltic Region in which Cefetra Polska operates.
  • Cefetra BV ships to ports such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Glasgow.

A large logistical network, with a growing number of destinations, enables Cefetra to provide a variety of freight combinations, thus achieving logistical flexibility and cost-price advantages.