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Cefetra is a leading supply chain manager of agricultural raw materials for the feed, food and fuel industries. The main focus is trade and sales to the European compound feed...

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Barney Kreukniet, Rotterdam office

Hello, my name is Barney Kreukniet. What drove me to start working for Cefetra is the entrepreneurial spirit, the no-nonsense mentality and the way Cefetra empowers you to take control of your own career. If you are dedicated, motivated and ambitious, the opportunities at Cefetra are endless.

For me this meant growing from a trainee trader role into a trader function within three years. Currently fully responsible of my own P&L (profit & loss) and product groups.

Next to the professional opportunities which Cefetra presents, the social aspect of the job is, of course, also very important.

In addition to frequent business trips with colleagues, we have monthly office drinks, Christmas parties and famous Cefetra weekends. For all employees under the age of 30 years we have Young Cefetra together we organize multiple fun and educational activities throughout the year.

In short: if you are an entrepreneurial and motivated person that is looking for an employer that offers unlimited growing opportunities combined with a great atmosphere, I would definitely recommend working for Cefetra.

Linda van der Linden, Rotterdam office

Hello I am Linda van der Linden, I finished my Bachelor Business Administration – Marketing and decided to travel for one year through Australia and New Zealand. After travelling I started working at Cefetra in 2013 as Trade Assistant at the Grains desk. This was my first job after my study and the people here and the atmosphere in the company made me feel very welcome.

After three years as Trade Assistant I was up for a new challenge and changed to the Controlling department. Now in my new role as Assistant Business Controller I get the opportunity to develop myself and grow further within the company. Cefetra offers lots of opportunities and the atmosphere within the company is great. We often go for a drink after work to our favorite pub,  Het Witte Huis in the city center,  which is also very close to the office. Next to that we have monthly drinks in the office and Young Cefetra (for all employees under 30) organizes educational and fun activities. I enjoy working at Cefetra a lot and definitely recommend Cefetra as an employer.

Carlos Ruiz, Madrid office

I would recommend working at Cefetra purely because I am happy there, I enjoy every single day after more than 3 years. I have been lucky enough to learn from a group of professionals with a wide expertise in the grain trading world and I have taken the opportunity to learn everything I can from them. I started as a Trainee Trader, at the very beginning I went trough execution and finance department to understand the basics of the business, then after a period of 8 months I started to learn from the traders. Little by little I proved myself and I have been taking on more responsibilities within the company which is something I believe to be very important, as I feel useful and self motivated everyday. I have great intentions for my role within the company and look forward to continuously working hard in Cefetra for many more years to come.

Carlos Ruiz

Santiago Bernal, Madrid office

Hi my name is Santiago Bernal.

As an engineer, I value above all to be able to solve problems in a complex and challenging environment. My goal since I kicked-off my career as Project Manager in this sector has been to develop the company up to a higher standard.

At Cefetra I’ve been able to bring this approach to a wide range of applications, as I have been exposed to different roles for the last 4 years ranging from risk management, to mergers & aqcuisitions (M&A) and operations, arriving to my present role implementing a new commercial strategy.

I love the fact that, at Cefetra, if you identify an issue or an opportunity there is no limit other than your willingness to tackle it. You will always find a helpful hand at your side and guidance from above, leading the way through the rough.

If you like the challenge of being at a fast-paced, complex environment and would like to bring together all your social, intellectual and networking skills, Cefetra is the place where you’ll see them flourish into real results. 


Jade McDonald, Glasgow office

After doing work experience in the Finance department at Cefetra, I was given the opportunity to join the Execution team for 3 months. After this I was offered a full-time role within the execution department which I was excited to accept. Over the nine years that I have worked in Cefetra I have had many experiences working in different areas of the execution team - from weight processing to owning a commodity to my current position as mentor of the domestic team.

Cefetra has great social and networking opportunities. I have been invited to several dinners with Cefetra which has allowed me to meet with some of our customers. I feel this is a great idea as you get to know the people you are dealing with daily. We also have our summer outings and Christmas parties.

I would fully recommend working for Cefetra as the company is continuously growing and expanding providing great opportunities to enhance your skillset and offering exposure to other areas of the business.


Craig Brown, Glasgow office

Hello my name is Craig Brown

After studying Statistics and Accounting at university, I was keen to use the skills I had learned in an interesting role and the control team at Cefetra provided me with that platform. I have grown from being brand new to the industry to providing weekly & monthly P&L reporting to management and presenting budget analysis for the trading team.

Cefetra also offers great social and networking opportunities. I have played in the European Grain & Feed Trade Football tournament in various cities across Europe. We also have our Christmas party and summer outings amongst other activities.

I would fully recommend working for Cefetra, as it is an expanding business which provides a dynamic and enjoyable environment in which to progress.