For consumers

For consumers


For consumers

Reduced carbon commodities

  • We offer certified supply chain reductions, all of which have been achieved on the farm through sustainable farming practices in the Cefetra Supply Chain, helping you to improve future supply resilience whilst reducing scope 3 emissions and contributing positively to nature within your supply chain.

Reliable and Independently Verified  

  • The verification and certification process is transparent and in-line with the recommendation of all leading and standards and institutions like SBTi FLAG.
  • All removals and reductions are ISO 14064-2 certified and have undergone external audits for verification.

Your Gain

  • Buying supplies with scientifically proven and fully accounted reduced supply chain carbon emissions will enable your company to make credible claims of reduced emissions in the supply chain.
  • The volumes available are limited but you will be an early mover in the establishment of reduced carbon supply chains and help to foster local regenerative farming practices.
  • You will genuinely be contributing to improved Biodiversity and promoting nature & climate positive activities within your own supply chain.