Cefetra Polska Sp. zo.o.

Cefetra Polska Sp. zo.o.

Cefetra Polska Sp. zo.o. was founded in May 2004 when Poland joined the EU. The company is located in Gdynia. The main activities of Cefetra Polska are importing soyameal and other raw materials for the feed industry, and to originate grains for the feed and milling industry in Europe. Along with that the company trades on the domestic market with both feed and milling industry. Due to years of experience, the staff has a well developed network on the Polish market.
Cefetra Polska is focused on adding value for it's customers by delivering raw materials and/or tailored services at a competitive price, with the following distinguishing elements: quality, logistics, information, consistency and transparency.

Like the subsidiaries in other countries, here, too the parent company in the Netherlands supplies the ingredients to be imported, with strict quality requirements in terms of both nutritional value and feed safety. Cefetra Polska is GMP Plus B2 certified.


Ul. 10 Lutego 16
81-364 Gdynia


P: +48 58 66 65 205
+48 58 66 65 206
F: +48 (0)58 781 97 84
E: info@cefetra.pl

Address Silos:
Elewator  Dobre Miasto ,ul . Spichrzowa 15 ,11-040 Dobre Miasto tel: 89 616 35 80
Elewator Nidzica, ul. Boczna 35,13-100  Nidzica  tel:  89 512 017 49
Elewator Lębork . ul. Kaszubska 30 , 84-300 Lębork , tel : 59 862 21 33
Elewator Pawłów, Pawłów 77, 23-107 Pawłów, tel: 58 666 52 95