Cefetra Spa

Cefetra Spa

Cefetra Spa distribution system in Southern Europe is one of the most efficient network serving over 15 countries in the Mediterranean basin and Black Sea. Cefetra Spa represents a bridge between the producers of agricultural commodities in the origin countries and the world of the end consumers in the destination markets. Taylor made service is provided by shipping by sea agricultural products of segregated qualities to the ports at destination in the Mediterranean market.

Over 30 years of experience of the Cefetra Spa management matured in multinationals agro business oriented company and the consolidated relationship with the largest feed producers at destination is making of Cefetra Spa a unique example of integrated service provider. Logistic efficiency, creativity, expertise of the end consumers need, close relationship with end consumers and producers, strict risk management and cost control are making in few months of Cefetra the most successful company in this area of the world.


Main office:
Viale Parioli 40
00197 Rome
Tel: +390689219801

Via Mazzini 44
48121 Ravenna

Tel: +3905441696464