Cefetra BV

Cefetra BV

The company, founded in 1988 is focused on a whole range of different aspects. These include the origination of the raw materials (quality, quantity and price), the logistics (transport, handling and storage, stock management), marketing, consultancy, the development of partnerships in a growing and diverse network, scale advantages, and risk management in both existing and new markets.
In this way, Cefetra can continue to offer customers an identity-preserved, decommoditised product of high quality, a product with which customers can achieve competitive advantages in their own markets.


The raw materials Cefetra markets are:


  • Grains
    Corn, barley, feeding peas, rye, sorghum, triticale and wheat.
  • Protein
    Soyameal and soybeans
  • Co-Products
    Sunflowermeal/-expellers, rapseseedmeal/-expellers, wheatfeed, distillers, sugar beet pulp, citrus pulp, mollasses, vinasses, soya hulls and palmkernelmeal/-expellers.


Cefetra BV ships to the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Ghent and Aarhus, and ships through her daughtercompanies to the ports of Immingham, Glasgow, Southampton, Belfast, Gdynia, Gdansk, Stettin, Koper and Constanza. The company is awarded certification for GMP+, GTP, GMP-maritime shipping, GMP-train transport, and QS-impo

Postal address:
Postbus 113
3000 AC  Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Boompjes 40
3011 XB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Delivery address:
Hertekade 35
3011 XV Rotterdam
The Netherlands

P:+31(0)10 4007 900
F: +31(0)10 2018 000
E: cefetra@cefetra.nl