Cefetra supplies raw materials to the feed, food, and fuel industries. This includes the animal feed industry, the foodstuffs industry, including drinks, the crush and starch industry, and the bio-fuel sector, including biomass. Each year, Cefetra trades around 20 million tonnes of agricultural commodities. The supply of raw materials for animal feed forms more than 90% of Cefetra's activities. The turnover for the food and fuel sectors is expanding.



Cefetra does not limit itself purely to the supply of raw materials. What distinguishes Cefetra is the services it offers, known as QLINK for short. QLINK stands for differentiated Quality, efficient and sophisticated Logistics, transparent Information exchange, an extensive Network for purchasing and sales, and a high Knowledge level in relation to all aspects of the supply chain. These are important elements for a successful partnership with buyers, suppliers, and service providers. With this approach, Cefetra is able to create a competitive advantage for its regular buyers.

Cefetra purchases worldwide, from carefully selected suppliers, many of whom the company has worked with for many years. 
North-West, Central and Southern Europe are our sales markets. In North-West Europe, Cefetra is the market leader in the supply of raw materials for the animal feed sector. Cefetra is the preferred supplier of a large number of animal feed producers. The company has eight offices, of which seven are spread across Europe and one is situated in Canada.





In the coming years, Cefetra will continue to select chain partners who together with Cefetra are willing to accept responsibility for creating a healthy balance between people, planet and profit. Cefetra aims to ensure that raw materials are cultivated and processed under ecologically sound and socially responsible conditions.